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Innovative Live Bottom Trailers

The first of two innovative trailers, manufactured by TWL customer’ Reid and Mowat Engineering of Dunedin, is now delivering unique benefits to Downer on Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel project.

The unique Trout River’ Live Bottom Trailers feature an integrated conveyer system providing a compelling alternative to tippers in terms of health & safety, and operational performance says Reid and Mowat Engineering’s Corey Reid.

“The versatility of the live bottom trailer allows operators to discharge on uneven ground, unload indoors, work under low structures and overhead power lines, stockpile, spread, shoulder and haul a variety of product. Naturally the system virtually eliminates the risk of a tip-over” says Reid.

A major feature is the lighter tare weight of 6,900kgs, which is a New Zealand first.

The unique trailer technology was developed in Canada by Trout River Industries. Reid and Mowat Engineering recently acquired the sole licence to manufacture and supply Trout River Trailer products, including live bottom trailers, in the New Zealand market.

The Gough teams of TWL & Transpecs assisted the project with the supply of key components, brake certification and technical support. The trailer features Gough Group products including SAF Intradisc brake and air suspension package along with a Wabco EBS braking system.

The combination of Trout River Trailer technology, our in-house expertise, and that of our support partners, Transpecs & TWL, provides a compelling alternative for a wide variety of industries says Reid.

“From ashphalt, quarry product, sand and crushed glass to produce such as carrots & potatoes. The trailer’s flexibility supports a 12 month working season and great return on investment.”

Trout River Live Bottom Trailers uniquely offer a range of optional attachments. These attachments have ‘quick coupling’ hook ups that can have you doing a variety of jobs in just minutes. A spreader attachment is ideal for back roads, parking areas and driveways. The shouldering attachment is well suited for road shouldering, guard rails and wash outs.

Another key feature is Trout River’s signature rounded tub. The design ensures that there is less wear at the rear of the tub, more load is moving on the conveyor and the trailer is a trim 2950 high. This contributes to greater payloads, less wind resistance and less chance of getting hit with a loader bucket says Reid.

Two different semi-trailer sizes are currently available – a 2 axle / 28 footer and a 3 axle / 33 footer. Various sizes of truck mounted units are available.


To find out more about Trout River Trailers contact:
Reid & Mowat Engineering, 16 McNab Street, Kaikorai Valley, Dunedin
Call Corey Reid - 021 0274 1972, or Stu Mowat - 022 4155 157
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